Line matrix printers are the right solutions for high-volume impact printing and are superior in speed, reliability, and quality. As price-performance leaders, line printers are cost efficient in terms of both usage and servicing.


Tally Genicom 6800 Cartridge Printers delivers more value, enhanced convenience and lower operating cost with its next-generation line matrix printing technology.



The flagship model in the series, the 6800 Open Pedestal is a dependable line matrix printer that delivers maxi-mum uptime and lowest total cost of ownership. It is compact enough to move around in just about any industrial environment. The 6800 Open Pedestal line matrix printer is presented in a small footprint and is ready to plug into your network and start printing from day one.

The 6800 Cabinet is your choice when reducing noise within your printing environment is an objective. With the 6800 Cabinet, Talley Genicom has designed a modular enclosure that improves reliability and reduces noise emission, making it ideal for office environments. It is the quietest and most versatile choice in our line matrix printer series. This industrial- strength printer is ideal for noise-adverse areas running large, unattended print applications. Its genius lies in its design.