LEAF OS by NComputing is a small Linux-based operating system providing the basis for thin-client computing. It enables users to access virtual desktops using their personal computers, including out-of-date x86-64 PCs and laptops.

Deployable in two different configurations, LEAF OS gives you both permanent and temporary access. First, it can be installed directly on a hard drive converting the host computer into a powerful thin client. This method of repurposing PCs extends the usefulness of aging computers. Alternatively, LEAF OS can be run from a USB drive. USB booting leaves the user’s existing operating system, files, and hard drive untouched while providing an ideal environment for work-from-home use cases. When users finish their work, a simple reboot to their native OS restores their device to personal use.


  • Next-generation Secured Endpoint operating system for Microsoft AVD/WVD & RDS deployments
  • Convert your Old / New PC, Laptop, Thin client, or Live boot USB drive to a Secured LEAFOS Endpoint access device.
  • Simple, Smart & Secured way for WVD / RDS customers.

Why do you need Leaf OS?

  • Planning to adopt Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • WFH with BYOD, but devices are difficult to maintain, no centralized management
  • Concerns about virus and malware infection with outdated patches; big security risks to organizations
  • Corporate data leakage with WFH use cases
  • Outdated PCs/Laptops that can’t keep up with user’s workload
  • Windows 7 end-of-life support from Microsoft
  • Hardware incompatibility with latest Windows OSes; impossible to upgrade
  • Company doesn’t have budget to refresh new PCs/laptops

Leaf OS Overview

A software endpoint solution that transforms any x86/64 PCs, laptops & thin clients into a secure & centrally managed endpoint:

✓ Designed & optimized for VDI, DaaS, and cloud workspaces including

✓ Microsoft WVD, Microsoft RDS, vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition, VERDE VDI & Remote Access

✓ Extend endpoint functionality with support of local applications:

✓ Integrated Chromium browser, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom

✓ Private build with additional Linux application upon request on additional cost (e.g. Avaya, Cisco AnyConnect)

✓ Locked-down secure Linux platform; protecting users against 3rd party applications and common threats, and data leakage concerns.

✓ Working with personal devices and BYOD; live boot from a USB memory stick (without touching underlying Windows OS)

✓ Repurposing outdated computers into LEAFOS; no purchase of hardware required

✓ Installs in minutes – Live boot from USB memory stick or local install

✓ Centrally manage with PMC device management

For more detailed info, please have a look at the video: