CARE Kalypto/Credit is an integrated Basel compliant solution offering seamless flow of the entire credit risk process, covering credit appraisal, credit rating, and capital charge computation.

The system is module-based, means it offers implementation and customisation flexibility.

Credit Appraisal Module

Internal Rating

Capital Charge Computation and Regulatory Reporting

  • Competency to customize Appraisal Formats and Work Flow as per the bank’s specific requirement, including subsequent changes at policy and process leve
  • Delegation Authority (DA) based on multiple credit-approval condition
  • Standard appraisal related data can be pre-define (e.g. List of Collaterals and the corresponding documents)
  • Provision to revert actions taken on appraisal with no need to re-enter appraisal dat
  • Re-assignment /Transfer of Appraisals from one user to other user based on required condition.
  • Detailed time line of each appraisal with the user comments posted at each transfer.
  • E-mail notifications on transfer and approval/rejection of appraisals to required users
  • Centralized check on blacklisted counterparty.
  • Customization of rating model and automation of the rating process, ensuring a robust rating process and minimal manual intervention
  • Both Single dimensional (Overall Rating) and Two-dimensional rating approach possible (Borrower & Facility Rating for corporates and application and behavioral scorecards for retail).
  • Ability to host any type of model and scorecards
  • Models can be updated to reflect changes in operating environment at no extra cost.
  • Built-in full-fledged financial analysis capabilities.
  • Basel Compliant rating methodology
  • Peer group comparison for borrowers belonging to same industry
  • Capital charge against credit risk can be computed and regulatory and MIS reporting can be done very quickly using automatic batch processes
  • Computation of bank’s own estimates of PD, LGD, and EAD.
  • Facilitates pricing borrowers based on Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC)
  • Comprehensive borrower specific information is captured and consolidated from various transactional systems of the bank such as core-banking, leasing, pawning, margin trading, credit card, housing loan, treasury etc.
  • Reporting at aggregate and drill-downed level of dataBank can generate its own reports using custom reporting framework of the system.
  • Ability to export data in excel, comma separated, tab separated, and other file formats.