FraudBlock™ is a comprehensive rules-based fraud detection and protection solution from CSFi that integrates seamlessly with SWITCHWARE® and any ATM/EFT/POS network to provide online real-time and near real-time fraud prevention. FraudBlock is capable of stopping fraud before it happens. The solutions real-time mode provides online authorization decisions prior to authorization while a near real-time (background mode) accumulates historical data to critical to identifying emerging fraudulent trends and activities without making online authorization decisions.

FraudBlock™ is an easy-to-use, turn-key and instantaneous real-time solution that can:

  • Block fraud at the cardholder level
  • Block fraud in real-time and background
  • Block fraud using On-Demand Network Denial Rules
  • Build custom rules
  • Block fraud outside the country
  • Block isolated merchants or risky merchant categories
  • Set the degrees of risk for each risky category
  • Copy or iterate customized rules

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FraudBlock™ Standalone (SA)

FraudBlock™ Standalone (SA) is an isolated instance of CSFi’s FraudBlock™ solution that can provide both real-time and background (near-real time) fraud protection. The Standalone edition is meant to be installed independent from other systems, and does not require integration with an existing SWITCHWARE® system. A turnkey solution that integrates seamlessly with almost any FI switch or card authorizing system used for debit/credit processing, FraudBlock SA is designed for customers wishing to license a standalone fraud protection system.
Issuer-based transactions passing through FraudBlock validates against rules that identify, block, or warn of fraud taking place. The real-time mode provides online authorization decisions to identify and prevent fraudulent activity before it happens. The background mode accumulates historical data to identify fraudulent activities and patterns without making online authorization decisions.
The intuitive user interface allows for easy performance of system configuration and management functions performed via client applications. The dynamic, rules-based nature of the system allows flexible tailoring for current and future business requirements.

Comparison of FraudBlock™ and FraudBlock™ SA


  • A fraud blocking solution designed specifically for CSFi SWITCHWARE® integration
  • Unlimited real-time fraud protection rules for the issuing and acquiring modules in SWITCHWARE
  • Ease of setup and use with new or existing SWITCHWARE systems
  • Unlimited network denial rules for blocking various acquiring threats

FraudBlock Standalone (SA)

  • A universal open standard approach to  real time fraud protection
  • Designed for customers using any type of switching or issuer processing system
  • Same real-time issuer rules and network denial rules found in FraudBlock™

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