The average person uses less than 5% of the capacity of their desktop. The rest is wasted. NComputing taps into the other 95% so that multiple users can simultaneously share a single PC. Each person runs their own applications – and has their own files, settings, and preferences. Without the bulk. Without the expense. Without the cost of a dedicated PC.

  • An End-to-End, Fully Integrated Desktop Virtualization Platform.
  • Superior user experience with desktop roaming and high performance multimedia.
  • Reduces desktop computing acquisition and management costs.
  • increases productivity by enabling users to work securely from anywhere with any device.
  • 4 million seats deployed, used every day by 20 million users in 140 countries.
  • Unified, centralized manageability for IT.
  • Flexibility and agility for the business.
  • Superior user experience with desktop roaming and high performance multimedia.



  • Connects up to 100 user sessions to a single NComputing vSpace server
  • Can be deployed for less than half the cost of PCs with ongoing management savings of 75% and power savings over 90%
  • Models – L130, L230, L250, L300, L350
  • Cloud ready thin client
  • Raspberry PI 3 Platform
  • High performance PC like experience
  • Cost effective
  • Supports NComputing’s vCast streaming technology
  • Easy deployment and centrally managed


vSpace Server

  • Supports 3-users and costs less than a single PC
  • Slashes 65% in acquisition cost, 80% in maintenance cost, and 90% in energy cost
  • Delivers up to 70% saving in TCO over 5 years
  • Models – MX100D, MX100S
  • NComputing’s patented and award winning vSpace Server changes the economics of desktop virtualization. vSpace Server supports up to 100 user sessions per instance, offering the most affordable desktop virtualization solution in the market.


  • vSpace Server software divides a computer’s resources into independent virtual workspaces that give each user their own rich PC experience. vSpace Server utilizes the NComputing UXP (User eXtension Protocol) to deliver a highly optimized virtual desktop to NComputing thin clients and software access clients.


My company had outdated computers across all workstations, and I was looking to upgrade but was concerned about the cost.

Each computer would cost over 100k and it was not what I could afford to do at the time.

My Chairman, Mr. Eraj Wijesinghe proposed NComputing from Bartleet IT as a possible solution. NComputing was not a concept that I was familiar with, and in doing my research, I was made aware that Bartleet IT is the local agent for NComputing in Sri Lanka and are the pioneers to introduce this technology to the country.

The System comprises of a single computer that connects to multiple client users through LAN. I as the MD can monitor and control users while seated in the comfort of my own desk.

I have managed to introduce internet access restrictions. The multi-screen view option displays everyone’s screen. I can take full control at the click of a button. Since all files created or downloaded are saved on the main computer, backups can be taken easily. Though the software is installed on the main computer, each client can open individually and log in with their credentials. As such, each work environment is unique and functions as an individual computer.

I have managed to save and increase the efficiency of my Company. NComputing from BARTLEET IT has solved my problems cost-effectively. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Buddhika Karunathilaka

Managing Director

Bartleet, Mecklai and Roy (Private) Limited

Ncomputing L300 is a cost-effective, virtual desktop device